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EKR Candles & Rubi and Red Resin is just another example of rural women getting things done. Courtney & Eliza are sisters who have grown up on Almerta Station, Flinders Ranges & both influenced by busy station family life. 

Courtney started to play with resin in mid 2020 as a creative outlet. She uses a variety of products epoxy resin, pigments, alcohol inks and many other techniques depending on how creative she is feeling. No two creations are the same from earrings to chopping boards to trinket trays, resin has endless opportunities. The name Rubi and Red came from their two beloved pets, a small fluffy dog Rubi, and a beautiful big dog Red.


Eliza started making her soy candles in January 2021 as a sideline to starting year 12.  EKR Candles offers a large variety of beautiful blended scents, and the recent branching out into to lip balms. EKR Candles use either wooden or cotton wicks, and are packaged in a variety of jars or tins with multiple sizes on offer to suit any shopper. Candles can be made to custom order, refilled and EKR candles encourages the use of recycled jars where possible.

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